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Scotty's provides BBQ fundraising, catering and food truck options for parties of all sizes. 

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We understand that planning a great event can be overwhelming.

Trust your next event to the Scotty's team that has the most innovative, exciting ideas about food, entertainment and services.


Scotty's can cater everything from a backyard party to a corporate event.

Roadside BBQ / Food Truck

Our roadside BBQ setup caters to walk-up food options, plus rental opportunities!

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Seasonal opportunities available now!

Scotty's Smokehouse BBQ is looking for quality candidates for the upcoming 2024 season.

  • Pit Master / Chicken BBQ
  • Shop Foremen
  • Prep Cook / Line Server
  • Drivers / Set-up Equipment *Must have a valid NYS Driver License*

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Catering Experts

Our catering staff has the experience to provide on site catering with exceptional quality. 

Staff Dedication

Every member of our staff is proud of our company's reputation. Our success is measured only by our clients satisfaction. 

Highest Quality

Our catering chefs are capable of preparing home-style cooking as well as fine gourmet meals with only the best ingredients.

The Pickle Factory

Scotty's Pickle Factory USA

Would you like to try our mouthwatering pickles? Here's your opportunity!

Scotty's Pickle Factory USA was founded in 2020. Our customers have consistently been wowed after tasting our unique flavors, homemade pickle brines and delicious deep-fried pickles. 

Our preparation starts by receiving fresh picked cucumbers to our facility.  We create in-house homemade brines that are sensational.  The marinating process creates our signature, intense flavors that come through with our end result - crunchy, delicious, flavorful pickle varieties!

Our fresh flavors include Zesty Garlic, Fresh Kosher Dill, Sriracha Hot and Sassy!, Sweet Hotties, Sweet Horseradish, Full Sour Dills. Don't sleep on our huge 6-inch Jumbo Dilly Pickle on a Stix or Fried Pickles with a choice of Ranch or Texas Petal Sauce!

The Pickle Factory will be at these upcoming Spring events:


About Scotty's Smokehouse BBQ

Scotty's Smokehouse BBQ is your hometown brand that Central New York has come to love and trust for 45 years. Back in 1978, I started with a small hot dog cart in Rome, NY and have grown to become so much more! Our company believes in quality. We use only the finest products to deliver a superb end product to our customers.  

We offer multiple food and entertainment options to accommodate your specific needs, from family gatherings to corporate parties and fundraising events.  We can cater your on-site event, with various options to choose from such as our retro food truck, snow cone and ice cream trolleys, specialty foods tents as well as our famous grilled smoked meats and delicious BBQ.

Trust your next event to the Scotty's team proven to have the most innovative, exciting ideas about sites, food entertainment and service.